It is time to renew your membership in the RPA. We are asking for you to continue your involvement in the only organization that represents all aspects of radiant and hydronics within a network of manufacturers, designers, architects, suppliers, distributors, builders, contractors and installers.

We know that your continued involvement in the RPA will depend on whether you consider your dues an expense or an investment. I want to assure you that members like you, through the investment of membership dues will continue to have a very definite and positive influence on the radiant and hydronic industry. Your investment allows the member leaders of the RPA to be able to promise to pay tremendous dividends.

There are many aspects to membership that make it invaluable. Some members want to facilitate growth in their industry but can’t make a personal time commitment. Their membership helps pay for others to make strides on their behalf. For some members, it may be the opportunities to network with other members or to market products or services to the public, or learn from others who have been in the business longer. For others, it may be to support the governmental efforts of the organization.

Regardless of why you joined, your membership is actually an investment in your own business because it enables the RPA to make accomplishments and be more effective which will benefit everyone in the industry.

In order to make the renewal process as easy as possible, we are providing three ways to renew:
1. Download and complete the application form and mail or fax it to us with your membership dues.

2. Complete the application form online. The categories of membership are described on the application. There should be a category that fits your role in the industry.

3. Telephone us and we’ll renew you: 909-472-4211      

The RPA is dedicated to the advancement of members; no matter the role or capacity. We are looking forward to serving you in this purpose.

Alan Wald