RPA offers the best all around basic education on radiant and hydronics available anywhere in the industry.

From contractors and dealers who are installing, servicing or constructing systems... to distributors who are servicing the needs of contractors and dealers... to engineers and architects who are designing the systems, ...RPA provides engaging and practical courses taught by experts who will help all become better radiant and hydronics professionals.

A few seminars are available below.  Contact us if there is a subject matter you seek that is not shown here.

Course                   Duration

Radiant Basics 1        1 day

Radiant Basics 2        1 day  

Radiant Precision       1 day  

Radiant Architecture  ½ day  

In addition to the seminars listed above, RPA can be contracted to deliver such on-demand topics as:
• Basic electricity
• How to wire controls
• Understanding relays and contactors
• Selling and installing energy-saving controls

Turn to RPA for training that is cost effective, interactive, and presents the most up-to-date information.

For more information on how to contract a seminar or any other education-related inquiries, please contact