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January 22 - 24, 2018 -- McCormick Pace, Chicago


It's a new RPA. At the Annual Membership meeting RPA leadership spoke on what the RPA is doing to foster awareness and broaden recognition and acceptance of radiant and hydronic technologies:
•  Updates on Hydronics Codes & Standards
•  Latest trends in industry
•  Networking opportunities

The RPA Social and Networking Event was on the evening of Jan 23.

Download the Membership Meeting brochure

RPA Educational Classes at the 2018 AHR Expo

Radiant Cooling - Speaker: William Werthman, Senior Technical Advisor, Legend Valve
Dry panel systems can be a good option for many installations, you just need to know when to use them. During this learning lab, Bill will discuss the differences between wet and dry panel systems, when dry panel systems should be installed, control strategies, and combination systems. If you are looking to add radiant cooling to your service offerings then you need to be at this session.
Design and Installation of Hydronic Snow and Ice Melting Systems to Optimize Performance and Efficiency - Speaker: Lance MacNevin, P. Eng., Director of Engineering - Building & Construction Division, Plastic Pipe Institute
From congested cities with limited outdoor public spaces to aging populations in private homes, the safety, convenience and savings provided by hydronic Snow and Ice Melting systems are more beneficial than ever, especially as changing weather patterns increase snowfall in many regions.
This introduction to hydronic snow and ice melting (SIM) systems includes discussion of benefits, applications, installation techniques, design considerations, control options, and estimating operating costs.
The Effects of Radiant Heated Windows on the Overall Designs of a Supporting Physical Plant Speaker: Mark Eatherton, Chairman, Radiant Professionals Alliance Technical Committee
Radiant windows have been on the European market for 30 years. They are starting to make their way across the pond and will most probably be making an appearance on a job site near you. Find out what their applications are, how they work, and the net effect on sizing of the physical plant supporting these buildings.
The BEST Way to Compare HVAC Systems - Speaker: Greg Cunniff, Manager Application Engineering, Taco, Inc.
The Building Efficiency System Tool™ (BEST) software was designed to help prospective buyers, consulting engineers, and design/build professionals analyze real-world HVAC options to pinpoint the best system that meets budgetary and performance requirements. BEST solves the challenge of accurately comparing different styles of HVAC systems early in the design process by bringing EER, IEER, SEER, and COP data together to compare the performance, life cycles, and costs for any type of HVAC system, apples to apples. It is a significant time-saver.
Circulation in Hydronic Systems - Speaker: John Siegenthaler, P.E., Principal, Appropriate Designs, Caleffi North America
Test your understanding of how water circulates through hydronic heating and cooling systems. What are the differences between head and pressure? How is a system curve created? How should circulators be operated for highest efficiency. What is distribution efficiency. This session focussed on the technical fundamentals that anyone designing hydronic systems should understand and apply.
Radiant Cooling in the Windy City - Speaker: Max Rohr, Training Manager, REHAU
This seminar introduces radiant cooling as a technology for reducing operating costs and lowering carbon footprints while increasing occupant comfort in commercial applications. You will learn what radiant cooling is and what benefits it has to human comfort. Case studies will be presented that cover design considerations to effectively utilize radiant cooling technology, including an award-winning project in Chicago.
High Mass or Low Mass - Which Radiant Solution is Best for Your Project? - Speakers: Devin Abellon, Business Development manager, Uponor and Michael Matzura, National Business Manager - Radiant, Zehnder Rittling
Radiant heating and cooling solutions are being incorporated more and more on commercial applications as a means to provide optimum occupant comfort while reducing overall system energy usage. One solution is to embed tubing in the concrete slab to create a high-mass radiant surface. Another approach utilizes low-mass manufactured panels to manage heating and cooling loads. Which system approach is right for your project? This session will explore the benefits and challenges associated with each strategy. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how these systems work and how to design and specify the right system for the right application.
Classes Taught in 2017
How to Sell Profitable Hydronic Radiant Systems

This panel discussion will detail successful approaches from the business side of radiant heating. Has a homeowner asked you, “Why should I buy a radiant system”? Dave Holdorf from Taco, Wes Sisco from Uponor, and Ellen Rohr will help you answer that question and more. 

No Sweat Radiant Cooling Case Studies

Industry experts will present project profiles from various applications of radiant cooling from a variety of different climate zones. The panel will present a mix of techniques (e.g. radiant floors and air based systems) so you’ll be able to decide which is best suited for your next project. As you’ll see, these recommended techniques are based on real world applications with excellent results. Speakers: Aubrey Gewehr, Ventacity; Devin Abellon, Uponor

How to Specify Heating and Cooling Sources

Do you choose the heating and cooling source for your projects, or does it pick you? This panel of industry leaders will help you determine the best choice for boilers, ground source heat pumps, and air-to-water heat pumps. The best systems match the figurative engine to the drive train. This group of respected and experienced industry experts will help you find the best fit. Speakers: Jared Stearns, SpacePak; Ken Eggelston, SpacePak; Paul Rohrs, Lochinvar; Maya Kadi, Environmental Energy Corp.; Al Wallace, Environmental Energy Corp.

Trouble Shooting Hydronic Radiant Systems: What is in the Water?

A few good tips and tricks from seasoned heating troubleshooters can save a day of scratching your head at a job site. This panel will help save you time by sharing war stories from boiler rooms across the country. For example, many equipment warranties are also tied to water quality, and initial water quality is more important than most people think. Come and find out what you've been missing. Speakers: Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Caleffi; Clay Thornton, Thornton P&H; Tom Jorn, Rhomar.

Review of a Free Online HVAC System — Not Unit — Energy Consumption Tool

Under IAPMO’s administration, the Hydronics Industry Alliance - Commercial (HIA-C) Committee, consisting of multiple HVAC equipment manufacturers including four pump companies, has delivered a Better Efficiency System Tool (BEST) using Better Energy Efficiency Rating (BEER) curves.

Using the Taco Inc. Energy Analysis System Tool™ as the platform, the group has moved from unit AHRI test ratios alone to complete system ratings. BEST includes 30 predefined systems with enough agreed-upon defaults so that a design team member can compare operating and life-cycle output utilizing building specific input. The minimum information required is building size and location. Building size is used to determine loads and system configuration, and location yields relevant utility costs against bin weather data and installed system cost. As more information is defined the defaults can be changed.

Because the ASHRAE Headquarters building in Atlanta has been extensively monitored, the presentation will include a review of how BEST is better with BEER.

Speakers: Greg Cunniff, Taco; Kim Sabatino, IEC; Mark Chaffee, Chairman RPA; Mark Handzel, Xylem/Bell & Gossett; Mark Hudoba, Uponor.

At last year's event, the organization’s first “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented to Johnny Hazen White Jr. of Taco Corporation management for his exceptional support of the RPA and the creation of the Building Energy Efficiency Rating system (watch video of presentation). An additional award was presented to Greg Cunniff of Taco for his diligence and work in bringing the system to reality

This is the comfort industry's premier opportunity of 2018!

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