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Click to watch Why Water Works in HVAC videoWho we are
The Hydronic Industry Alliance-Commercial (HIA-C) is a non-profit alliance of hydronic equipment manufacturers and partners operating in North America.
Operating under the principal that water is the most efficient and greenest energy transfer medium on the planet, the alliance serves as a resource within the HVAC and Service Water Heating industry.
Our mission is to educate, integrate, and communicate the advantages of Hydronic System Solutions.


Click to see how water has the lowest heat transport cost

Learn more about why water in HVAC always wins!

Save 30% for life of building                                                Integrated and variable WATER Click to see how water provides .... Click to see how water provides ... Click to see how water provides ... Click to see how water controls ... Click to see how water provides ...

The BEER Challenge: Better Energy Efficiency Ratings
GOAL: A better way to evaluate HVAC System choice Early in the design process.

Why? We recognized that there is confusion about the EER, SEER, and IEER tested ratings.
The ASHRAE Headquarter Building proved that “Rerates” to applied systems are significant.
See: below – Unit Efficiency is only part of the story.

BEER – Better Energy Efficiency Ratings – Systems curves not test points including COST

                               Energy Use Comparison

ASHRAE Headquarters: Annual $ Index
System 1 is VRF with EER           $50K
System 2 is VRF with IEER          $30K+
System 3 is WSHP Geo                $30K
System 4 is WSHP Boiler/tower    $40K

If designers used typical software the living lab experiment should be close between VRF and WSHP GEO

Because they are not close...
This Challenge has been accepted!





Breaking Down the ASHRAE Headquarters Building Performance Data

         High-Efficiency HVAC Shootout at ASHRAE Headquarters