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Hydronic systems use fluid or steam as the medium for the final heat-transfer
Education Expo 

Review of a Free Online HVAC System — Not Unit — Energy Consumption Tool
Instructors: Greg Cunniff, Taco; Rick Bostian, Chairman, HIA-C; Mark Chaffee, Chairman, RPA; Mark Handzel, Xylem/Bell & Gossett; and Mark Hudoba, Uponor
Under IAPMO’s administration, the HIA-C committee, consisting of multiple HVAC equipment manufacturers including four pump companies, is delivering a Building Efficiency System Tool™ (BEST) using Building Energy Efficiency Rating (BEER) curves. Using  BEST, the group has moved from unit AHRI test ratios alone to complete system ratings. BEST includes 30 predefined systems with enough agreed-upon defaults so that a design team member can compare operating and life-cycle output utilizing building specific input. The minimum information required is building size and location. Building size is used to determine loads and system configuration, and location yields relevant utility costs against bin weather data and installed system cost. As more information is defined the defaults can be changed. Because the ASHRAE Headquarters building in Atlanta has been extensively monitored, the presentation will include a review of how BEST is better with BEER.

How to Sell Profitable Hydronic Radiant Systems
Instructors: Dave Holdorf, Taco; Wes Sisco, Uponor; and Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz
This panel discussion will detail successful approaches from the business side of radiant heating. Has a homeowner asked you, “Why should I buy a radiant system?” The instructors will help you answer that question and more.

No Sweat Radiant Cooling Case Studies
Instructors: Devin Abellon, Uponor; Barry Stephens, Ventacity; and Ryan Westlund, REHAU
Industry experts will present project profiles from various applications of radiant cooling. The case studies presented will be from different climate zones. The panel will present a mix of techniques (radiant floors, and air based systems) so you know what is best suited for your next project. These will be based on real world applications with excellent results.

How to Specify Heating and Cooling Sources
Instructors: Paul Rohrs, Lochinvar; Ken Eggelston, SpacePak; Al Wallace, Environmental Energy Corp; and Maya Kadi, Environmental Energy Corp
Do you choose the heating and cooling source for your projects, or does it pick you? This panel of industry leaders will help you determine the best fit for boilers, ground source heat pumps, and air to water heat pumps. The best systems match the figurative engine to the drive train. This group of respected experienced industry experts will help you find the best fit.

Trouble Shooting Hydronic Radiant Systems: What is in the Water?
Instructors: Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Caleffi; Ken Barney, Thornton Plumbing and Heating; and Tom Jorn, Rhomar
A few good tips and tricks from seasoned heating troubleshooters can save a day of scratching your head at a job site. This panel will help save you time by sharing war stories from boiler rooms across the country. Many equipment warranties are also tied to water quality. Initial water quality is more important than most people think. Come and find out what you’ve been missing.